West Allis Electrician

Overwhelmed by a task that could use a masterful West Allis Master Electrician? We’re glad you came to visit our website!

The West Allis list of requirements for anyone who works in your home should include the following: proper licensure, bonding and insurance; years of experience at their particular craft; and, perhaps most importantly, the kind of personality that reassures you time and time again, that you’ve made a good decision. This website caters to EXACTLY that kind of Master Electrician.

Spark’s Electric is proud to be gaining the reputation of West Allis’s foremost Master Electrician provider. Through our dedication to sobriety, work ethic and raw talent, we’d like to think we’ve collected the highest quality group of Master Electricians this side of the Mississippi. There is just no better place to find what you need than Sparks Electric!

West Allis demands no less than the best of their companies and, as such, Spark’s Electric has made public their certifications – Our Master Electrician Certification number is 171115; Our Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification number is 171115; Spark’s Electric’s state of Wisconsin Contractor License number is 1149645.

Are your conduits corroded? Wires wound too tight? Junction boxes jammed up? If any of these problems keep you up at

night, you need to call Spark’s Electric!

It doesn’t matter if your home is old or new, office or condo, commercial or industrial or residential: Spark’s has the solution to whatever gremlin is giving you grief!

A professional Electrician will arrive within a few hours of inquiry (most days), ready to assess and meet head-on any electrical problems they are trained to overcome. We certainly sympathize with our fellow West Allis residents during power outages – not even our computer systems have gone without the occasional power surge!

There is nothing too basic for our Electricians to fix, nor anything too complicated for them to solve. We challenge you, West Allis! Bring us your cracked electrical devices, your inoperable circuits, and your frayed bundles of wires! Call us to repair or replace your damaged transformers and flame-ravaged boxes! Simply call our names and we will be there, hat in hand, ready to assist and restore your power as best as we know how.

Further information is on our main page, located by clicking on the bold red letters above. For immediate contact, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 414-536-8500 or text to 414-292-6625.

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